Monday 9th May 2022

Mildenhall Movements

Visiting Aircraft

85-0002 C-5M 436AW Parked all day

79-1712 KC-10A 305AMW Parked all day

84-0189 KC-10A 305AMW Parked all day

85-0030 KC-10A 305AMW (Roma 75) a09.40-n/s

87-0119 KC-10A 60AW (Nacho 223) n/s-d08.31-a15.55-n/s

96-8154 EC-130J 193SOS Penn ANG (Reach 1024) n/s-d14.14

63-7992 KC-135R 186ARW Mississippi ANG (Gold 11) a19.55-n/s Escorted Retro flight to Mildenhall

62-4130 RC-135W 55Wg (Jake 11) n/s-d07.07 Landed at Fairford

75-0556/OK E-3B 552ACW Parked all day

91-0309/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Atari 42) Overshot 14.44

91-0320/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Atari 41) Overshot 14.44

The latest batch of Qatari F-15QA's arrived this evening. Staying until thursday morning. In landing order

17-023 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 61) a19.48-n/s

17-022 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 62) a19.48-n/s

17-021 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 63) a19.48-n/s

17-020 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 64) a19.48-n/s

17-012 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 65) a19.48-n/s

17-008 F-15QA Qatari AF (Retro 66) a19.48-n/s

Based Aircraft

09-6207 MC-130J 67SOS (Owlet 67) d11.50

58-0100 KC-135R 100ARW (Quid 12) d09.22-a????

58-0125 KC-135T 100ARW (Quid 15) d08.55 Landed at Fairford

60-0324 KC-135R 100ARW (Quid 11) d07.35-a11.22

62-3540 KC-135R 100ARW (Lagr 220) d09.08-a15.13

62-3551 KC-135R 100ARW (Quid 13) d12.10-a????

63-8008 KC-135R 100ARW (Lagr 439) d13.17-a15.00

09-0042 CV-22B 7SOS (Edge 83) d16.04

Lakenheath Movements

Visiting Aircraft

89-0505/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

5502 F-35A 332SKv Parked all day

Based Aircraft

91-0302/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Tricky 12) Departed later as Duster 12

91-0303/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Eagle 72)

91-0309/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Thud 41)

91-0310/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Thud 21)

91-0312/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Card 32)

91-0320/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Mugger 42) Departed later as Atari 41

91-0329/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW9Thud 22)

91-0603/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Mugger 41)

96-0202/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Eagle 71)

96-0205/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Shark 52)

97-0219/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Tricky 11) Departed later as Duster 11

97-0221/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Card 31)

98-0131/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Shark 51)

00-3001/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Thud 23)

00-3004/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Thud 42)

19-5474/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Wardog 01)

19-5476/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Valla 01)

19-5484/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Valla 02)

19-5486/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Wardog 02)

19-5493/LN F-35A 493FS/48FW (Wardog 03)

19-5495/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Wardog 04)


1 comment:

  1. Many thanks for the log and info.
    I haven't seen any of the previous Qatar deliveries.
    Whereabouts do they park?
    Are they easy to see before departure?


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