Wednesday 15th December 2021

Mildenhall Movements

Visiting Aircraft

84-0189 KC-10A 305AMW (Blue 82) a14.05-n/s

00-0174/AK C-17A 3Wg Alaska ANG (Reach 833) a04.25-n/s Ramstein Diversion

60-0355 KC-135R 92ARW (Reach 336) n/s-d07.20

62-4134/OF RC-135W 55Wg Parked all day

11-9001 E-11A 430EECS (Blackwolf 14) n/s-d10.24

17-009 F-15QA Qatari AF Parked all day

17-015 F-15QA Qatari AF Parked all day

17-016 F-15QA Qatari AF Parked all day

17-017 F-15QA Qatari AF Parked all day

17-019 F-15QA Qatari AF Parked all day

G-CIFC TB-20 Parked all day

Based Aircraft

09-6207 MC-130J 67SOS (Strix 61) d08.57-a13.32-d????-a14.30

13-5776 MC-130J 67SOS (Strix 67) d09.59-a11.48-d12.08-a14.55

58-0100 KC-135R 100ARW (Quid 01) d10.22-a11.45

61-0315 KC-135R 100ARW (Quid 51) d13/12-a???? from Lajes AB

62-3540 KC-135R 100ARW (Lagr 812) d11.14-a14.32

62-3551 KC-135R 100ARW (Lagr 702) d09.48-a12.30-d21.26 as Lagr 813

Lakenheath Movements

Visiting Aircraft

87-0176/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 71)

87-0187/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 72)

87-0206/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 73)

88-1671/SJ F-15E 4FW (Gundog 12)

88-1673/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

88-1676/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 76)

88-1680/SJ F-15E 4FW (Gundog 11)

89-0483/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 74)

89-0490/SJ F-15E 4FW (Siege 75)

89-0492/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

89-0493/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

89-0496/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

89-0501/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

90-0230/SJ F-15E 4FW Parked all day

ZK379/379 Typhoon T3 41Sqn (Rebel 56) Overshot 14.35

Siege 71-76 deployed to Romania. Siege 72 RTB with tech issue

Based Aircraft

84-0027/Unmarked F-15C 493FS/48FW (Mojo 1)

86-0160/LN F-15C 493FS/48FW (Drag 1) Departed later as Grim 03

86-0164/LN F-15C 493FS/48FW (Mojo 2)

86-0174/LN F-15C 493FS/48FW (Grim 04)

86-0175/Unmarked F-15C 493FS/48FW (Drag 2) Departed later as Grim 01

86-0178/LN F-15C 493FS/48FW (Grim 02)

91-0301/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Tricky 31)

91-0302/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Thud 52)

91-0313/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Rage 21)

91-0314/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Hammer 42)

91-0317/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Bolar 11) From Lajes AB

91-0326/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Hammer 41)

91-0327/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Bolar 11)

91-0331/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Tricky 32)

91-0602/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Rage 22)

96-0202/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Thud 51)

97-0220/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Bolar 12)

97-0221/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Bolar 13)

98-0131/LN F-15E 492FS/48FW (Bolar 14)

00-3000/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Harley 81)

00-3001/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Casino 62)

00-3004/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Harley 82)

01-2002/LN F-15E 494FS/48FW (Casino 61)

19-5473/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Retro 31) a13.57

19-5474/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Retro 32) a13.57

19-5475/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Retro 33) a13.57

19-5476/LN F-35A 495FS/48FW (Retro 34) a13.57

91-0317/Bolar 11 returned from Lajes after barrier testing 

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